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HaloPSA PDF Templates

⚙Using CSS Data Attributes in HaloPSA PDF Templates

February 05, 20241 min read

One of the neat problems we were recently able to solve was to dynamically display the "payment status" of invoices in HaloPSA. To do this, we used CSS based on data attributes and HaloPSA variables to dynamically display the status. Let's take a look at the process to get us there.

  1. Duplicate/create a new PDF Template. In our example, we are doing an invoice template. You can get there by navigating to config/reports/pdftemplates?type=54

  2. Edit the PDF template main page

  3. Add the following to the first style section:

  4. Scroll down to the <Body> section, paste the following immediately after <Body> and before <Div...>.

  5. Add a </div> before the ending </body> tag to close out the wrapper.

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